Thursday, 5 June 2008

i'm painting a traffic signal box next week, for the council and refresh project. i'm using the sarkozy design, not too sure of the relevance, but hopefully it'll look good.
i'm also featured on page 26 out of 258 on illustration mundo, for most clicks, which is pretty good going ... but really unimportant.
i plan on keeping myself busy and motivated over the summer, but i don't know how that'll turn out. sipping cider on the beach seems a more likely outcome.

oh yeah, and i created this for my last editorial project ...
it's still pretty rough. it's another 'to-do' that needs adding to the list.

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Anonymous said...

This is fucking RAD-I-CAL! Kate, it also tickled my sides and loosened my chops, so thankyou for that!

i'm gonna email you in a while crocodile