Thursday, 3 December 2009

Bear Gami & Clinic Curate : FEAR

Clinic and Bear Gami curate Fear.
"An exhibition featuring original pieces from Kate Copeland, Jack Hudson, Joakim Ojanen, Anthony Zinonos and more names PLUS fresh, upcoming talent straight outta London's New Cross. All work has been executed in a perverse flip on the festive period - the contributors have illustrated their connotations of the word 'FEAR'."
The Lock Tavern, Camden.

The exhibition will launch in Take Courage Gallery, Amersham Arms, New Cross on 7th December. Subsquent to Take Courage, the work will be shown amongst a workshop and musical performance at The Lock Tavern on the 15th.
Following, the exhibition will be taken back to New Cross, where the work will be exhibited for a further month.

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